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They may be man’s best friend, but friendly canines can quickly become vicious animals with hardly any warning. Dog bites, no matter how serious, can warrant compensation if they occur under certain circumstances. At Roger Fincher, Attorney at Law, our goal is to assess the specifics of your injury and determine the most effective way to pursue justice.

Many dog bite victims hesitate to seek legal representation because they feel that their case is too trivial. Our firm knows differently. Negligent owners should be held accountable for the behavior of their pets and that is where we come in. While you recover, our Topeka personal injury attorney will work tirelessly to achieve the outcome you need.

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Owner Liability Under the One Bite Rule

Over 100 years ago, Kansas adopted the “one bite rule” for dog bite incidents. This means that an owner is liable for injuries caused by their dog only if the owner knew or had reason to know that their dog was dangerous. Given the fact that this law is far from black and white, it can be difficult to successfully pin liability on the owner without tangible evidence.

Factors that can indicate a dog’s dangerousness include:

  • Previous bites
  • Jumping on people
  • Threatening people
  • Barking at strangers
  • Complaints about the dog
  • Fighting with other dogs

The more conclusively you prove that the owner should have known that the dog was capable of biting, the better your chances of recovering compensation for your injuries. Compensation can cover the cost of medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Take Action with a Personal Injury Lawyer

While certain breeds are certainly more capable of biting people, seemingly friendly dogs are not exempt from causing harm. Whether you were bit by a pit bull or a golden retriever, it is imperative that you seek legal counsel before it is too late. Kansas gives victims two years to file a claim and this time can pass quickly.

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