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Dog bites are nothing at which to laugh. Their resulting injuries can be extremely serious and in some cases, fatal. If you or your child has been attacked and bitten by a dog, it is crucially important that the owner be held accountable. The failure to do so not only leaves you on the hook for medical bills and lost wages, it also leaves the door open for other individuals to be victimized down the road.

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Who is responsible to pay for my dog bite injury?

If you've been bitten by the dog of a friend or neighbor, you may be hesitant to press charges for fear of causing them financial strain. In the vast majority of cases, any dog bite that occurs on the owner's property will be paid out through their homeowner's insurance policy. They will not be paying for the injury out of pocket. The same is true for dog bites that occur in a car. In this instance, the owner's auto policy would cover the medical expenses. In the state of Kansas, dog bite victims must be able to demonstrate that the dog had a known propensity to bite people or that the owner was negligent in restraining their dog.

A dog's propensity towards violence can be established by considering:

  • Size and breed
  • Behavioral history
  • Training (is it used as a guard dog?)
  • Treatment of other animals
  • Past complaints
  • Frequency of confinement
  • Use of a muzzle
  • "Beware of Dog" signs

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