Were you or a loved one seriously injured because of another person or entity’s careless activity? Are you thinking about retaining the services of an attorney but find yourself hesitating because of concerns about how much it may cost? You should worry no further: Our Topeka personal injury lawyer at Roger Fincher, Attorney at Law works with no upfront fees. We understand the financial strain of an injury, and we believe that financial worries should never be on the plate of someone who is experiencing pain and suffering. Our policy is that you do not pay a dime if we cannot make a recovery.

The benefits of working on a contingency fee basis include:

  • Our lawyer works to achieve a timely result.
  • We pay for any additional resources and expert testimonies.
  • Your case is given the attention it needs to seek maximum compensation.


A contingency fee relationship is an arrangement between a client and attorney in which the lawyer’s payment is dependent upon the outcome of a case. If Attorney Fincher is successfully able to make a recovery through a trial or negotiation, our firm will be paid out of a certain portion of the recovery. This allows our firm to be able to offer counsel to people who are struggling financially and may not otherwise be able to afford a lawyer. We believe everyone should be able to achieve justice.

By tying a lawyer’s payment to the outcome of a case, it allows clients to make sure our firm is responsive and attentive to their needs. We will not try to draw out a case like some lawyers who bill by the hour, but we will also not try to rush through a case like some lawyers who work on flat-fees. Our firm is committed to taking the time needed to fully build a case for you and try to reach the most advantageous outcome possible in or out of the courtroom.

We don’t just work on contingency fees — we also offer free-of-charge case evaluations.
To obtain yours, please contact us today.