1. Dog Owner Safety Precautions

    Your dog is the best, you love them so much, and you consider them to be family. That’s how most feel about their pets, and it’s not difficult to see why. But as great as your dog might be for you, they might not always be the same around others. Dog bites send more than 350,000 people to the emergency room every year, and in 2017, 39 people in the United States were killed by dogs. As much as…Read More

  2. Preparing Your Car For Winter

    When you live in a place like Topeka, the weather can be all over the place. You might get some beautiful fall days, where the sun is shining and temps are high, only to be followed by some freezing cold days and rain that quickly turns to ice. Winter car accidents are different than other accidents, because many of them are weather-related. The good news is that there are a number of steps you ca…Read More

  3. Teen Driving Tips

    How is it that your child, who once fit in the palms of your hands, is now a teenager who’s ready to hit the road? We know it seems impossible, but it’s an exciting milestone for every teen to hit — even if their family is a little more anxious than thrilled. Teen drivers refer to anyone before the age of 20 who’s driving a vehicle (often starting legally at the age of 15 or 16). While tee…Read More

  4. The Hot Coffee Lawsuit

    It was a legal case that is still talked about today. It’s thought of as an example of greed and corruption, how you can simply sue your way into lots and lots of money. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s a story that has become more and more fictitious over the years, where the facts have ended up losing a lot of clarity and traction. It’s a lesson that our personal injury lawyer hopes to cl…Read More

  5. End-Of-Summer Safety Tips

    You could be taking your bike out for just another spin, expecting the same beautiful ride and the same gorgeous, end-of-summer weather. The leaves are just beginning to turn, the air is breeze is a bit cooler but the sun is warm, and as you feel the wind whip past you, you’ve never been more thankful for time on your motorcycle. This is what’s expected when you go for a ride, but motorcycle a…Read More

  6. When To Contact A Work Injury Lawyer

    When we get injured, we first try to assess the damage. Next, we try to get treatment or to do what we can to fix the problem. After that, well, most people tend to just wait. They may be following doctor’s orders, they might be hoping that time heals all, or they might simply think “this isn’t so bad,” attempting to grin and bear it. All of these are very natural thought processes, but wh…Read More

  7. Protecting Yourself on the Job

    At Roger Fincher, Attorney at Law, the safety of our clients is always a top priority. We work to help clients seek out justice, but if you can prevent an injury in any way, that is absolutely the best option. That being said, work has its own set of challenges, and often we need to think about staying safe in a different way. From working in an office to working at a construction site, each job h…Read More

  8. Common Attorney Misconceptions

    Many people are interested or curious about working with a lawyer. They feel that they’ve been wronged, they are pretty sure that justice has yet to work in their favor, but they don’t reach out to an attorney. This is all too common, because people tend to be swayed by the many misconceptions that exist when it comes to pursuing your case with an attorney. Today, our personal injury lawyer is…Read More

  9. Nighttime Driving Tips

    From road trips to last minute plans, to even just needing a quick Dairy Queen blizzard at 10:30 p.m., we all end up driving at night for one reason or another. This is very common, but it’s also pretty common that people can run into some serious accidents. In fact, research shows that night driving is one of the leading causes of accidents. There are many factors that contribute to this, which…Read More

  10. Staying Safe on Spring Break

    When the temps start rising and the cold winds start to die down, it can only mean one thing. The arrival of spring is always highly anticipated, especially after those winter months where everything seems to be a bit too grey and a bit too cold. People tend to migrate south in droves, in search of heat and sun and beaches and everything fun. But in this rush to get on spring break and to enjoy th…Read More