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Large trucks are among the most massive vehicles on the roads. It is fairly common for someone who is sharing the road with a truck like an 18-wheeler to be slightly anxious, and it is a feeling that may have just cause. The sheer size of large trucks means that they are a major cause of serious accidents with major injuries. Due to the size and complexity of these vehicles, operators of commercial trucks are held to much higher standards than the typical driver of a small car. If a driver of a commercial vehicle makes even a minor error, it can have adverse impacts.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a trucking accident in Kansas, you deserve skilled legal help. Our Topeka trucking accident attorney is the one to call. Reach out to Roger Fincher Attorney at Law today to find out how we can assist you.

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Why Choose Our Trucking Accident Attorney?

There are many reasons to choose Roger Fincher Attorney at Law for assistance with your trucking accident claim:

  • Representing accident victims and families for 25+ years
  • No legal fees unless we win your case
  • Thousands of personal injury cases successfully handled
  • Chosen for Kansas Super Lawyers® and Best Lawyers®

At Roger Fincher Attorney at Law, we bring decades of legal experience to the table when representing truck accident victims. Our Topeka truck accident lawyer is prepared to hold the liable parties—which can include the driver, the trucking company they work for, or even the manufacturer of the truck—accountable for their actions.

Proving Fault in Trucking Accidents

Far too often, commercial vehicle operators are trying to make a deadline, causing them to work beyond the hours they should. A fatigued driver carries a far higher risk of danger. Whatever form of negligence was behind your accident, our skilled legal team and trucking accident attorney can prove that the truck driver or company is liable to pay you damages.

For instance, we may be able to prove that the crash was caused by:

  • A truck operator driving while drunk
  • Loads beyond the maximum capacity of a vehicle
  • Drivers who aren’t paying attention
  • Lack of adequate maintenance
  • Drivers who are fatigued
  • Errors while operating the vehicle

You Only Pay If We Win Compensation for You

All trucking accident cases are handled on a no fee, no recovery basis, meaning you do not pay a cent to our firm if we do not win. This is part of our commitment to providing our clients with the high-quality representation they need and deserve.

For a free consultation, please contact us today at (785) 222-4066. Our Topeka truck accident attorney is prepared to help you with your case.

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