Protecting Yourself on the Job

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At Roger Fincher, Attorney at Law, the safety of our clients is always a top priority. We work to help clients seek out justice, but if you can prevent an injury in any way, that is absolutely the best option.

That being said, work has its own set of challenges, and often we need to think about staying safe in a different way. From working in an office to working at a construction site, each job has its own set of risks. Fortunately, there are some precautions that can be taken. Our work injury lawyer is here to explain some of the steps you can take to protecting yourself on the job. Read on to see how you can stay safe, and in the event that an employer’s negligence has left you injured and/or out of work, know that Roger Fincher is the one to call.


As is usually the case for just about anything, having a preventative mindset is always best. For most jobs, this can start by understanding the risks associated with the job. Working with electricity means there’s a higher risk for electrocution, truck drivers have higher risks for motor vehicle accidents, and even teachers have a higher risk of contracting illness (germs from young kids are no joke). When you understand the hazards of the job going in, you’ll have a better idea of how to best prevent these injuries or illnesses from happening. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to prevent every single possibility from happening, but some knowledge is always better than none.

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Most employers recognize the necessity of keeping their employees safe on the job (though unfortunately, this is not always the case). Whenever you have the opportunity to go through a safety training or orientation, be sure to attend it, even if it’s not mandatory. At the very least, this is an essential part of expanding your safety knowledge and being able to protect yourself while on the job. But in some cases, if future accidents do happen and you truly were as prepared and safe as you could be, this can serve as evidence that the negligence and onus is not on you.


Sometimes, wearing all the proper equipment can seem like a hassle. Whether it’s having an apron on at all times in a restaurant kitchen, or wearing the gloves or the hard hat at the construction site, wearing the correct gear can seem restrictive, or even make it more difficult to do your job efficiently. But the first step in safety means slowing down, and this ties in with making sure you’re outfitted with your personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times. In fact, some employers might have it in their contracts that they’re not liable if you’re injured while not wearing the required gear.

The proper, protective equipment and gear is there for a reason — if you’re not wearing it, you could be at higher risk for injury or illness.


If something feels off, even if you’ve done it twenty other times and had no problems, listen to your instincts. Trusting our gut can be hard to do, especially if we’re in a situation where our bosses or coworkers are telling us we need to get something done. And trusting your instincts doesn’t mean you have to say “no” to a project or a task (though if you feel very uncomfortable with it, remember that you every right to abstain) — you can continue, and just be extra diligent and precautious. But regardless of how you’re feeling, listen to your instincts if something doesn’t feel right.


It’s extremely unfortunate, but sometimes, employers will try to take advantage of their workers. Employers might try to ask things of you that not only aren’t part of your job responsibilities, they might also put your health at risk. If something is asked of you that’s outside the norm, recognize this, and be willing and ready to advocate for yourself.

Of course, the only way to do this is if you truly understand your contract, your job role, and your overall rights as an employer. This gives you a much better idea of when something’s a normal task (even if it’s outside of your regular responsibilities), and when something’s not.


It’s a fact of life that accidents happen. You can be as safe as humanly possible while at work and still end up injured or ill. Sometimes this is just an average human experience, such as getting a paper cut or coming down with a cold, but other times, injuries or illness happen due to the negligence of the employer. If this is the case, our work injury lawyer is here to hear you out. Schedule a free consultation today with our Topeka attorney.


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