Topeka Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Topeka pedestrian accident lawyer

Walking in Topeka should be safe, but sometimes it's not. Accidents happen, and when they do, pedestrians can get hurt. That's where Fincher Law comes in. We're here to help people who got injured while walking in Topeka.

At Fincher Law, our personal injury law firm handles various personal injury claims, including those hurt in pedestrian or car accidents. A personal injury lawyer from our team would be happy to help you recover compensation for your medical expenses and lost wages. When you need Topeka Pedestrian Accident Lawyer, we can help you. Learn more about how our Topeka personal injury lawyer can help you below. Then, give us a call to schedule a free consultation.

Proven Topeka Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Ready to Assist You

Proven Topeka pedestrian accident attorney ready to assist you

A. Legal Consultation and Case Evaluation

When you first meet with us, we listen. We want to understand everything about your accident. Then, we explain your rights and options. Our goal is to give you clear advice from the start. Remember to seek medical care for your serious injuries first. Then, call us to schedule a consultation with our Topeka personal injury lawyers.

B. Investigation of the Accident

We dig deep into what happened in your pedestrian or car accident. We look for clues, talk to people who saw the accident, and study the scene. Every detail matters because it helps us fight for you when we file a personal injury lawsuit.

C. Gathering Evidence and Witnesses

We collect everything that can help your case. This includes photos, videos, and statements from people who saw the accident. We build a strong possibility with solid evidence.

D. Negotiating With Insurance Companies

Dealing with insurance can take time and effort. They often try to pay less than you deserve. We handle the tough talks with them. Our goal is to get you a fair deal.

E. Preparing for Litigation, if Necessary

Sometimes, we have to go to court. If that happens, we're ready. We prepare everything and fight hard for you before the judge or jury. While many cases are settled outside the courtroom, we're prepared to do what is necessary to get you the compensation you deserve.

Statistics and Trends of Pedestrian Accidents in Topeka

Pedestrian accidents in Topeka are more common than you might think. In 2021 alone, Kansas saw 43 pedestrian fatalities in accidents. This gives Kansas a fatality rate of 1.47 per 100,000 people. Countless more were seriously injured. Everyone needs to be vigilant when walking or driving the local roads.

Common Causes and Contributing Factors to Pedestrian Accidents

Common causes and contributing factors to pedestrian accidents

The reasons behind pedestrian accidents vary. Some of the most common causes include:

Distracted Driving

Drivers should pay more attention. They might be texting, talking on the phone, or not looking where they're going. This can lead to serious accidents. We fight to hold these distracted drivers responsible.

Distractions come in many forms. It's not just phones. Eating, messing with the radio, or even talking to passengers can lead to an accident. When drivers don't focus, pedestrians are at risk.


Speeding is dangerous. It gives drivers less time to react if someone is walking nearby. When cars go too fast, even small mistakes can lead to significant accidents. We stand up to speeders who hurt pedestrians.

Fast cars can cause serious harm. The faster a vehicle is going, the harder it hits. This can lead to terrible injuries or even death. We work to make sure speeders face the consequences.

Failure To Yield

Drivers must stop for pedestrians at crosswalks. But sometimes, they don't. They might be in a hurry or just not paying attention. We hold these drivers accountable for not yielding.

Ignoring crosswalks is not just rude; it's illegal. Pedestrians have the right to cross safely. When drivers ignore this, they put lives at risk. We fight for pedestrians' rights.

Legal Responsibilities of Drivers in Topeka Regarding Pedestrian Safety

Drivers in Topeka have rules to follow for pedestrian safety. They must stop for people at crosswalks. They also need to drive carefully in areas with lots of foot traffic. These laws are there to protect everyone.

It's more than just stopping at crosswalks. Drivers should be alert and ready to stop anytime they see someone walking. This is especially true near schools, parks, and busy streets. We make sure drivers take these responsibilities seriously.

Our attorneys will work hard to secure a fair outcome on your behalf. Request a initial case review by calling (785) 430-5770 and schedule a free consultation

Common Injuries in Topeka Pedestrian Accident Claims

Common injuries in Topeka pedestrian accident claims

Pedestrian accidents can lead to many kinds of injuries. Some are minor, but others can change lives forever. Here are some common ones:

  • Broken bones are common. They can happen when a car hits you or if you fall hard.
  • Head injuries can be severe. They can lead to long-term problems or even be life-threatening.
  • Cuts and bruises might seem small, but they can still hurt and take time to heal.
  • Spinal injuries are scary. They can lead to problems moving or even paralysis.
  • Internal injuries can happen even if you don't see any cuts or bruises.
  • Emotional trauma is real. Accidents can leave you feeling scared or anxious long after the physical wounds heal.
  • Death, sadly, can happen. It's the most tragic outcome of pedestrian accidents.

These injuries affect not just your body but also your life. They can lead to hefty medical bills, time off work, and a lot of pain. We're here to help you through this tough time.

Steps To Take After a Pedestrian Accident

A. Seeking Medical Attention

If you get hit by a car, see a doctor right away. Even if you feel okay, some injuries take time to show up. Your health comes first. Getting checked out also creates a record of your injuries.

B. Contacting Law Enforcement

Call the police after an accident. They'll write a report, which is essential for your case. The report includes details about what happened. This can be very helpful later on.

C. Gathering Evidence at the Accident Scene

If you can, take pictures of the scene. Get photos of the car, your injuries, and where it happened. If there are people who saw it, get their contact info. This evidence can make a big difference in your case.

D. Notifying Insurance Companies

Tell your insurance company about the accident. But be careful what you say. Stick to the facts. Don't guess or give opinions. What you say can affect your claim.

E. Consulting With a Topeka Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Talk to us at Fincher Law. We can guide you on what to do next. We can also start working on your case right away. The sooner you call, the sooner we can help.

The Legal Process for Pedestrian Accident Claims

The legal process for pedestrian accident claims

A. Filing a Pedestrian Accident Claim in Topeka

To start your case, we file a claim. This is like telling the person who hurt you that you're asking for money for what happened. We handle all the paperwork and make sure it's done right.

B. Legal Standards for Determining Fault and Liability

Figuring out who's at fault is vital. We look at the laws and the details of the accident. We work to show that the other person was responsible for what happened.

C. The Role of Comparative Negligence in Kansas

In Kansas, even if you're partly at fault, you can still get money. It's called comparative negligence. But the amount you get can be less if you're partly to blame. We fight to get you as much as possible.

D. Potential Compensation and Damages Available to Pedestrian Accident Victims

You can ask for money for many things after an accident. This includes medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. We work to get you money for everything the accident cost you.

Determining Liability in Topeka Pedestrian Accidents

Figuring out who's to blame in a pedestrian accident can be tricky. We look at everything: the driver's actions, the scene, and the laws. We work to show that the driver was responsible for your injuries.

Sometimes, more than one person is to blame. It could be the driver and someone else, like the city if a traffic light were broken. We look at all possibilities to make sure everyone responsible is held accountable.

Topeka Pedestrian Accident Injury Claim Statute of Limitations

In Kansas, you have a time limit to file a claim for a pedestrian accident. It's called the statute of limitations. Usually, you have two years from the date of the accident. This is important because if you wait too long, you can't ask for money anymore.

Two years can seem like a long time, but it goes by fast. It's essential to start your case as soon as you can. This gives us more time to build a strong case for you.

Damages You Can Recover From Your Pedestrian Accident Injuries

After an accident, you can ask for money for different things. This can help you get back on your feet. Here are some of the damages you can recover:

Economic Damages

Economic damages are things you can put a price on. This includes medical bills and lost wages. It's money you lost because of the accident. We add up everything and fight to get you paid back.

These damages also cover future losses. If you'll need more treatment or can't work in the future, we ask for money for that, too. We think about the long-term impact of your injuries.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are more complicated to put a price on. This includes pain and suffering. It's about how the accident affected your life. We work to understand the full extent of your pain and emotional distress. We also consider things like loss of enjoyment of life and any disfigurement or disability caused by the accident. These damages are just as important as the economic ones.

Our attorneys will work hard to secure a fair outcome on your behalf. Request a initial case review by calling (785) 430-5770 and schedule a free consultation

How Our Pedestrian Accident Lawyer at Fincher Law Can Help You

At Fincher Law, we understand the challenges you're facing after a pedestrian accident. Our dedicated legal team is committed to providing personalized and compassionate service while aggressively pursuing your claim. Here's how we can help:

  • Personalized Attention: Every case is unique, and we treat it that way. We take the time to understand your specific situation and tailor our approach accordingly.
  • Expertise and Experience: Our lawyers have extensive experience handling pedestrian accident cases. We know the laws, the court system, and how to negotiate with insurance companies.
  • No Upfront Fees: We work on a contingency fee basis. This means you only pay something if we win your case. We believe in making legal representation accessible to everyone.
  • Strong Advocacy: We're fearless in standing up to insurance companies and other powerful entities. We fight tirelessly to ensure your voice is heard and your rights are protected.
  • Comprehensive Support: From handling paperwork to representing you in court, we care for all aspects of your case. This allows you to focus on your recovery while we focus on getting you justice.

Pedestrian Accidents FAQs

A. What Should I Do at the Scene of a Pedestrian Accident?

At the accident scene, ensure your safety, seek medical attention, and call the police to report the incident. If possible, gather evidence, such as photos of the scene and contact information of witnesses.

B. Do I Have To Go to Court for a Pedestrian Accident Claim?

Not necessarily; many pedestrian accident claims are settled out of court through negotiations with insurance companies. However, if a fair settlement isn't reached, your case may go to court to seek appropriate compensation.

C. How Much Does Hiring a Lawyer Cost?

At Fincher Law, we work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you won't pay any upfront fees. You only pay legal fees if we successfully secure compensation for your claim.

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Start working with our Topeka pedestrian accident attorney at Fincher Law

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