A Few More Dog Owner Safety Tips

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Welcome back to our blog series on dog owner safety precautions! In our first blog, we talked about training your dog and not making assumptions about their behavior (both on your part as a dog owner, and on the part of people interacting with your dog). We’ll continue with this topic, providing you some tips on making sure your dog is not endangering the safety of yourself or others.

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Environment is everything. A dog that’s able to run off has a much higher chance of getting hurt or hurting others than one who’s contained to the premises. Secure your property’s perimeter by installing a fence, or consider using an invisible fence for your favorite Fido. There are also ways to leash your dog in your yard, while still giving them the flexibility to move and run around. With the right environment, your dog can be set up for success — protecting others in the process.


It might seem obvious, but a well-cared for and well-fed dog acts completely different than a hungry one. In many instances of dogs acting out or causing harm to humans, they were not being properly cared for and their defenses were inherently up. No one should get a dog if they can’t provide them with the necessary care and attention. Additionally, no one should get a dog if they can’t afford to keep up with the day-to-day expenses (food, stimulating toys, checkups with the vet), as well as the unexpected expenses (emergency vet visits).

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It’s tempting to take your dog off the leash while you’re on a walk. After all, you don’t want them to be stuck or restrained — you want them to enjoy the freedom (provided they stay close to you, of course). But just like you need to create a good environment for your dog, you need to set them up for success outside of your home. Putting them in situations where they can have run-ins with other people could result in disaster. Make sure you keep them on the leash whenever you’re leaving the house.


Your dog might be the best dog in the world, they might be extraordinarily patient and seemingly great with children, but there’s still no guarantee that they’re going to do well with every child. Even the best dog can be provoked by a child who doesn’t know how to interact with animals, and end up lashing out.

There are countless incidences of kids — even kids who have dogs at home — being around a new dog, and then end up in harm’s way. Sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason for it, which is why it’s best to limit your dog’s interactions with children. At the very least, make sure that your dog is closely supervised when they’re around children. Don’t be afraid to let a child and their parents know that they shouldn’t pet your dog, and also be ready to put your dog in a room or part of the house where they can’t easily interact with others.


As much as you might try to protect others from your dog, people still might try to interfere. People of all ages love dogs, and with how adorable and domesticated they are, nearly always forget that they are wild animals.

Many dog owners can testify that verbal warnings to strangers are not always enough to stop them from approaching their pet. Fortunately, there are vests you can buy for your dog or leash attachments that make it more noticeable that strangers need to keep some distance. Prevention is ultimately the best way to deal with a dog bite.

With the right safety precautions in place for your dog, dog bite injuries might never take place, and personal injury lawyers may never be contacted. But if something does happen, know that Roger Fincher, Attorney at Law is the best lawyer to represent you and take on your case. Contact our legal offices for a free consultation.

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