Common Attorney Misconceptions

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Many people are interested or curious about working with a lawyer. They feel that they’ve been wronged, they are pretty sure that justice has yet to work in their favor, but they don’t reach out to an attorney. This is all too common, because people tend to be swayed by the many misconceptions that exist when it comes to pursuing your case with an attorney.

Today, our personal injury lawyer is going to address some of these common misconceptions, and help you sort through fact from fiction. Stay tuned, and contact Roger Fincher, Attorney at Law in Topeka to see the potential that your case may have. We look forward to hearing from you.


This is one of the most common misconceptions around. If you ask someone why they didn’t choose to pursue justice and hire a lawyer, it’s nearly always because they think they’re too costly. And to be fair, who would really want to work with a lawyer and pay tons of fees, only to lose your case or your trial? That feels like a lose-lose, and an expensive one at that.

With our personal injury lawyer, you only pay if you win. We’ll say that again: you only pay if you receive a settlement, and win your case. We don’t require any upfront costs or fees until then, meaning you get to focus more on your trial, and less about your bank account.


The number of jokes that are associated with lawyers often paint us in this greedy, money-hungry light, when the truth couldn’t be further from it. Nearly every person who goes into law wants to make a difference, and want to help represent people in a just and fair manner. For Roger Fincher, we go back to our previous point, in that we don’t receive anything from you in terms of payment until you receive a settlement. We would not pour our hearts into your case and work so diligently for you to feel some semblance of justice if we were solely looking for money.

Additionally, Roger Fincher has been listed as one of the best lawyers in America, and is active in both the Kansas and American Associations for justice. A personal injury lawyer who’s only in the job for money would not dedicate themselves to law and the courts themselves, or devote hours outside of their workday to being involved in the legal community.


More and more, it would seem that people are understanding that this is, truly, a misconception — but those gripping cinematic portrayals that cover a trial in two-and-a-half hours would state otherwise. It takes months — and sometimes, years — to reach a settlement, or to reach a verdict if a case goes to trial.

The truth is, there’s no telling how long a trial or reaching a settlement can take. We can’t even begin to provide an idea of how long it can take, until you reach out to our personal injury lawyer. Simply by contacting our law firm, you’ll be able to have some sense of understanding, and know whether your case even has a chance.

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Here’s a common scenario: a person gets hit in a car accident, and several months later, what was once thought of as whiplash is still flaring up and preventing them from living their life to the fullest. But at this point, it’s been practically a year since everything happened, meaning at this point, all they can do is try to grin and bear it, and get through the pain the best that they can.

Here’s why this is a common misconception: in Kansas, you have two years from the time an injury is sustained, to the time you decide to take legal action. Even if your injury happened almost two years ago, you still have time to reach out to an attorney.

Granted, we recommend contacting our law firm sooner rather than later, as the evidence may be more pertinent or easier to gather. But if it’s been less than two years, you still have a chance to seek out the justice you’ve previously only dreamed of.

Beginning to think about pursuing justice and to finally get the compensation you deserve for your injuries, sustained at the hands of another person’s negligence, can be scary. People don’t like thinking about pouring all this time and effort into a case, only to have it end up negatively. But with Roger Fincher, Attorney at Law, we will do everything we can to get you the settlement you deserve. At the very least, you can get a feel for our abilities and dedication to your representation by scheduling a free consultation. We’d love to hear about your case, and give you the information you need to consider moving forward. Contact our personal injury lawyer today to get started.

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